AlienVault USM Anywhere

Organisations that want their threat detection, incident response, and compliance management centralised in one place need look no further than..

Vectra Cognito

Traditional intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) are struggling to cope, as cyber-criminals become ever more imaginative..

Celestix SecureAccess Platform

Remote access to the corporate network is now an essential requirement and many businesses use Microsoft's DirectAccess as it's easy..

My1Login Enterprise IAM

With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) now in force, it's never been more important for businesses to have a..

Computer Disposals Ltd

With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in full force from 25 May, businesses must show compliance or face potentially..

Titania Paws Studio 3.2.2

SMEs daunted by data protection regulations and the looming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can rest easy with Titania's Paws..

Titania Nipper Studio 2.5

Network routers, firewalls and switches are essential to business operations and yet their very complexity makes them easy targets for..

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes’ next-generation Endpoint Protection (MEP) places seven layers of detection technology on your endpoints. Called ‘multi-vector protection’, it employs a..

Red Sift OnDMARC

Email is the weapon of choice for cyber criminals, with phishing and spoofing attacks increasing exponentially. Red Sift’s OnDMARC aims..

Acunetix 11

With web sites now under a daily onslaught of attacks, businesses can't afford to be lax about security..

CYjAX Intelligence Platform

The cyber threat landscape is evolving at such a pace that businesses need to be even more inventive in protecting..

Ixia ThreatARMOR

The amount and sophistication of cyber-attacks is increasing exponentially and many enterprises are finding their security systems are wilting under..

Varonis DatAdvantage

Unstructured data is growing at such an alarming rate that organisations must implement a data access governance strategy to ensure..

SecurEnvoy SecurAccess 8

Two factor authentication (2FA) is the only way forward for security-savvy businesses, as standard username and password combinations are now..


Facing up to the facts

Should we be using facial recognition technology? It's currently a hot topic in the US, where Amazon has asked for..

The fight against mal-adjustment!

How do you stop malicious applications from entering the network? Computing Security asks Mikko Röntynen, director of product marketing at..

Sun or rain, bring it on!

Is the cloud right for everyone? That, says one leading observer, is the wrong question. "Like any evolutionary development, it's..

Targeting the vulnerable

The Internet of Things is dissolving the wall between the physical and virtual worlds. Yotam Gutman, VP, marketing, SecuriThings, considers..

I.T. disposal: selecting the best

Legislation regarding IT recycling & disposal, not to mention the forthcoming GDPR regulation, is complicated enough. Jean-Pierre Naylor, director, Computer..

Everyone is at risk

From spear phishing to ransomware and the ever-present threat of bots, companies of all sizes have reason to lose sleep..

Protecting data to protect patients

Cyber criminals are netting massive financial returns from ransomware and other crippling cyberattacks against healthcare providers. How can they be..

A taste of things to come

Rahul Powar and Randal Pinto, CEO and COO of London-based tech start-up Red Sift, single out the three tech trends..

Mission? Detection!

New variations of advanced persistent threats continue to make the headlines. Now organisations are increasingly focused on fighting them off..

GDPR: The Silver Lining

Are there four letters presently capable of generating greater fear and anxiety for organisations around the world than GDPR? Colin..

Life on the cutting edge

The way must now be paved for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, tackling the barriers that businesses are facing, says..

The Rise and Rise of Ransomware

Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault, reflects on how the digital revolution has made ransomware such a powerful and ominous..


Computing Security recently interviewed Dr Anand Narasimhan, managing director, Sims Recycling Solutions, EU & India, to garner his thoughts on..

The fraud bonanza

The annual cost of fraud in the UK could be as high as £193bn a year – way above the..

It's showtime!

It's all going to be there at Infosecurity Europe 2016-everything you need to know about information security ..

Gateway to safety

Rarely does a single cloud have the silver lining of offering all the applications that enterprise I.T. needs to deliver.....

Race against time

Leading privacy lawyer Lokke Moerel offers her thoughts on the challenges behind the EU's data protection laws..

Tackling data centre challenges

Multinational corporations are coming under increased pressure to develop consistent global asset management and disposal policies and procedures, as Dr..


Pressure mounts on ISPS

More and more security professionals are demanding additional help from their ISPs to block DDoS traffic before it reaches them..

Palo Alto Networks sees the Light

Palo Alto Networks has acquired LightCyber, a privately held cybersecurity company that has developed highly automated and accurate behavioural analytics..

Barometer's highs and lows

A new security barometer, carried out by office technology specialists Altodigital to better understand the impact of security breaches on..

Online extortion hits new heights

Trend Micro's annual security roundup report, '2016 Security Roundup: A Record Year for Enterprise Threats', just released, proves 2016 was..

New postgraduate I.T. degrees

New cybersecurity degrees have been launched to help fight hackers and online criminals, as demand for skilled specialists grows..

Centre of excellence for Dublin

DocuSign has opened a Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence in Dublin as part of its ongoing commitment to Europe and protecting..

Hacked off by the hackers

An online study reveals that people are most worried about credit cards or bank statements being hacked, with 85% cent..

Finger on the detection pulse

Physics PhD student Susanna Challinger has recently been awarded an Industrial Fellowship by The Royal Commission of the Exhibition of..

More attacks unleashed

Akamai Technologies' latest 'State of the Internet/Security Report' (Second Quarter 2016) has highlighted the latest cloud security landscape, specifically trends..

Ransomware? Never heard of it

Latest research from online security firm Trend Micro has revealed that, although a vast majority questioned (82%) of UK organisations..