Always at your disposal

Computer Disposals Ltd (CDL) is one of the UK's leading I.T. disposal companies, with many of the UK's leading companies amongst its client portfolio. Computing Security interviewS Jean-Pierre Naylor, managing director and owner, to find out what lies behind that success

Computing Security: What should any organisation look for when selecting a reputable IT disposal company?
Jean-Pierre Naylor: Accrediting bodies, such as ADISA (Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance), are a good source of reputable IT disposal companies, as any ADISA member has to pass strict criteria, in terms of security and scope of service. Anyone can hide behind a flashy website, so arrange a site visit. You will be amazed at the difference in set-ups between so-called comparable disposal companies.

What do you feel make CDL's disposal services particularly special?
We have spent 18 years developing a service that we believe offers our clients an extremely secure, yet also cost-effective, service. We believe we are the only disposal company that covers the whole of the UK, using its own satellite-tracked and CCTV-equipped vehicles. We guarantee collections within five working days and have no minimum quantities for collection.

When it comes to recycling, what guarantees do customers have that their assets will be disposed of properly?
Every aspect of the retirement process is carried out by CDL, apart from the final raw material granulation, which is completed by an approved partner. From the use of our own satellite-tracked and CCTV-equipped vehicles to our purpose-built state-of-the-art recycling facility, we believe we offer one of the most secure disposal services in the UK. Again, anybody can tell a good story, hence arrange a site visit and see for yourself. Any reputable disposal company should facilitate this for you.

Are you a certified member of an accredited governing body covering your area of expertise?
We are ADISA accredited with distinction. ADISA is an independent body, established in 2010. The aim of ADISA was to establish a body that focused solely on data security for IT disposal companies, from the collection process through to final recycling. The criteria for accreditation is extremely strict and there are currently less than 40 accredited members out of a total of over 700 registered IT disposal companies. ADISA conducts both yearly and unannounced audits, plus offers a monitoring service for our customers, thus our clients have access to all our audit results. When choosing an IT disposal partner, we would strongly recommend that using an ADISA accredited partner should be a prerequisite.

Many businesses naturally have concerns when they entrust redundant IT equipment to a third party for destruction of their sensitive data? How do you reassure them that this data will be properly disposed of?
First and foremost, our service is fully GDPR compliant. It is essential that every element of the disposal process is secure, from the initial collection through to the data sanitisation process. In addition to a proven secure logistics service, our data sanitisation and destruction services use only the most highly accredited software and hardware. We offer a range of both off and on-site data sanitisation services, thus can cater for any client request. Again, arrange a site visit and any reputable disposal company should be able to show you all their sanitisation processes.