Behind the scenes at Capita Cyber Security

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Significant change is now taking place at Capita Cyber Security. CEO Kevin Gordon explains for Computing Security the major influences that are driving this success

Computing Security magazine recently caught up with Kevin Gordon, CEO at Capita Cyber Security. We wanted to find out how the newly-formed company - combining Capita ITPS's Cyber division, trusted security technology and support company NTS and specialist testing provider Westpoint - has developed its proposition and culture in line with the ambitious strategy of Capita, a UK powerhouse in technology-enabled business process management and outsourcing solutions.

CS: How has being a part of Capita changed the way the company operates?
Capita has certainly influenced our overall strategy. Whist we are intent on holding onto our core values - our flexible approach and customer focus, having the financial backing and physical support of such a prestigious and fundamentally technology-enabled business with its capabilities, talent and technology has enabled us to broaden our perspective and offer a more complete end-to-end portfolio of products and services to our clients.

And how do you approach this change?
Significant change only happens when lots of small changes come together. At Capita Cyber Security, every person inside the business has a role to play during this period of transformation. Communication is the key ingredient - ensuring every member of the team sees the vision, believes in the approach, gets involved and works towards the same goal. Organisational change should never be something that just happens to people.

Absolutely. So, what are you working on right now and how are you making it happen?
Our business strategy is built around three core propositions - Professional Services, Technology Solutions & Managed Services. Within those key areas, whilst we offer a number of services and solutions that have been specifically requested by our client base, we also focus on the wider business challenges and current topics that are particularly relevant right now.

By leveraging our partners from both inside and outside Capita Group, our consultants define solutions and services tailored to those areas. Currently, we are focusing on Cyber training and awareness - addressing the human factor, GDPR and the consultancy & solutions around data protection, Security Information & Event Management - our SIEM Solution managed from our own Security Operations Centre, and the various cyber security testing services we now provide following Capita's acquisition of specialist testing provider, Westpoint.

And what have you found to be the biggest challenge that your customers are facing and how are you helping to address this?
We have found that organisations across both public and commercial sectors are facing a number of significant challenges including:

• The severity of the threat landscape
• The shortage and cost of skills
• The increasing number and advancement of vendor technologies
• Employee cyber threat awareness.

In addition, the vendor landscape is growing increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. That, coupled with the evolving and diverse nature of cyber threats that can strike any part of the organisation at any given time, from Phishing attacks targeting their employees to Cyberespionage targeting the corporate network. Knowing which elements to prioritise and which tools and services to choose can be a bewilderment, particularly to those organisations that don't have entire teams dedicated to cyber security. Luckily, we can offer some clarity around that. We also offer a complete range of managed services to take the pressure away from companies struggling to manage this internally.

How do you choose and work with your partners to address this?
Whilst we are developing our core propositions in line with our objective to become a services business, alongside our managed services, professional services and delivery services, we also have a state-of-the-art technology partner portfolio. Over the past 12 months, our cyber solutions team have been analysing the vendor landscape alongside our customer requirements, and the challenges and threats our customers are facing, and have been working on consolidating our partnerships and building a foundation of key strategic technology partners, which will work with us to deliver our core propositions to our valued customers.

And what do your customers say about you?
That we are reliable, responsive and strong. Our relationship approach and flexibility means that we hold onto our customers and are often recommended to others. Many of them have recognised our broadening scope, and are excited and supportive of our evolving business. So far, we've received some great feedback on our expanding propositions and services.

What's the culture like internally at Capita Cyber Security?
Energetic! There are a lot of big personalities in the team. We encourage our staff to be open, have courage, collaborate with one another and always strive to be better. We invest highly in both training and development, and will always support drive and enthusiasm. There is no 'one size fits all' approach at Capita Cyber Security. It's a diverse, buzzing environment and we plan to keep it that way!

Sounds like a great place to be. But what's the biggest challenge you are facing as a business?
Finding the right people to join our team as we plan to execute our expansion is definitely our biggest challenge. We are looking for attitude, as much as experience. Our culture is important to us and we need to ensure that all our new starters have the same positive, enthusiastic approach. We're always recruiting, so if you're experienced in Cyber Security and looking for a new challenge, get in touch.

What types of organisations should contact you?
Mid-size to large enterprises with cyber security requirements. We are not restricted by vertical sector and are able to fulfil both public sector and commercial enterprise requirements. In fact, our flexible approach and extensive range of propositions means that whatever cyber challenges you are facing, wherever you are in your project lifecycle it would be worthwhile contacting the Capita Cyber Security team.

So where can our readers go to get more information?
You can visit our website by just going to; or drop us an email:

We'd love to hear any feedback or discuss in more detail what we're doing, or what your particular requirements might be. Please do get in touch.