Computing Security Awards 2020 - Encryption Solution of the Year

WINNER: Cryptshare AG - Cryptshare
RUNNER-UP: Egress - Egress Intelligent Email Security

"Competitions such as this are important, as they help to blow the smoke of often false vendor claims away and expose the deeper reality of the value of a few well-engineered products above a mass of ‘me too’ products. We were delighted to win this award and can I thank the many customers who voted for us. We spend huge efforts to understand the issues in the market, and design and build the best software to solve those problems. We are growing fast by direct customer references and, in the end, anybody can try our software, prove the value for themselves and, in due course, gain the confidence of great security at a fair cost. Don't be shy, try Cryptshare soon and make it part of your recovery plans!" - Cryptshare CEO Mark Forrest