Investing in cyber security is crucial

Cyber security attacks on UK SMEs hits 65,000 – every single day.

With an estimated 65,000 cyber security attacks on UK SMEs daily, and 41% of UK consumers claiming they will never return to a business that has had a security breach, investing in cyber security has never been more important.

With this ever-increasing threat to SMEs, which often struggle to find the expertise and funding to implement effective cyber security, the Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) developed the Digital Security Provider certification scheme in collaboration with BSI (British Standards Institution). The scheme helps SMEs make informed decisions when choosing a vendor, and promotes vendors who take time to understand their customers and deliver solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Cyber Risk Aware is the latest organisation to be recognised as a digital security provider by the PDSC. As part of its certification, the company underwent a robust accreditation process and was able to demonstrate that it had taken the necessary security steps to instil confidence in its product and supply chain, as well as demonstrating that it helps end users choose effective and appropriate cyber security solutions. The certification recognises that Cyber Risk Aware can provide solutions in the field of digital security that genuinely solve clients’ problems.

Cheyne Marley, cyber development officer at the Police Digital Security Centre, comments: “Stephen [Stephen Burke, CEO of Cyber Risk Aware] and his team at Cyber Risk Aware have a strong background in accreditation and their acknowledgement that trust is seen as a vital component in any cyber product or service bears testament to their company ethos.”

Adds Burke: “We are thrilled and honoured to be partnering with PDSC, promoting to over 5 million SMEs to implement a highly effective pre-breach cyber security solution that instantly raises staff awareness that prevents a costly cyber incident from happening in the first place. The PDSC and Cyber Risk Aware are also working together in producing Cyber Insurance Guidelines for the SME sector across the UK, the intention being to make this easy to understand and simple to obtain, based on relevant risks and appropriate cover for SMEs. Helping SMEs protect their business through education of ‘relevant’ risk, appropriate controls and insurance, when cybercrime is at an all-time high, is a massive opportunity to make a real difference.”