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The coronavirus pandemic and its continuing impact have changed the threat landscape for ever and only the most agile organisations will survive.

The huge changes in working practices and unprecedented surge in cyberattacks have presented enterprises with tough data security challenges, making endpoint protection a critical priority.

Clearly, the focus needs to be on mobiles, as the balance is shifting sharply away from traditional devices. It's no surprise that mobiles are being targeted by a large percentage of malware, as they present a lucrative target that can easily provide a back door into the corporate network.

Cybereason is a specialist in endpoint protection and it offers an enterprise-class threat prevention, detection and response solution, with real-time awareness. It has a sharp focus on keeping remote workforces safe and its latest Mobile component delivers these services to Android and iOS devices.

The Defense Platform applies a layered approach to endpoint security with signature-based and AI next-generation antimalware, application controls and dynamic behavioural analysis to block ransomware attacks. It goes beyond most competing products, as it correlates seemingly isolated incidents to present a clear picture of an attack.

Cybereason can analyse up to 8 million events per second and yet has a remarkably light touch on the network. It uses small footprint endpoint sensors, which enforce local antimalware, collect information and pass it on to detection servers for analysis and correlation.

The Mobile component is managed in the cloud for customers making deployment a swift process. The Cybereason mobile app is customised to the organisation's requirements and can be pushed out using a wide variety of deployment methods.

Once installed, the app enforces predefined security policies, so protection starts immediately. Mobile users enjoy the same multi-layered prevention as workstation users, but with additional security measures, such as SMS phishing attack negation and app behaviour analysis.

The Cybereason autonomous protection app is tamper-proof and constantly monitors mobile devices in real-time for suspicious behaviour. When a user installs a new app, its activities and communications will be blocked until it is certified as safe and it will not permit known malicious apps to be installed.

The app blocks attempts to exploit OS vulnerabilities and monitors all network activity, looking for suspicious north-south connections. It requires no training to use and interaction with end users is kept to a minimum, as the app doesn't interfere with user privacy or their experience, while its lightweight design ensures it won't compromise device performance or battery longevity.

The only time they'll see it is when malicious activity has been detected. The app pops up with a yellow screen, if risky activity has been identified or a red one, if it considers the device to be at risk and requiring immediate remedial action, performed by Cybereason.

The app provides detailed notifications about security events, such as attempts to access phishing sites or those known to harbour malicious content. These are considered secured events, so the notifications are informational; but those such as OS vulnerabilities that need an update to rectify will be listed as requiring action.

There's much more going on in the background, as mobile alerts are sent to the Defense Platform detection servers for event correlation. Cybereason provides MDR (managed detection and response) services for mobiles where its analyst teams review events, advise the customer of all security issues and provide remediation services.

The pandemic has created a whole new world since it struck, forcing organisations to rapidly reassess their security posture. Mobile security is now an essential ingredient for survival, and Cybereason delivers a sophisticated threat protection solution that fills the gaps that legacy endpoint protection solutions leave behind.

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