Panorays joins ServiceNow Partner Program

New integration allows Panorays customers to receive third-party security risk data through the ServiceNow app

Panorays, a provider of automated third-party security lifecycle management, has been accepted into the ServiceNow Partner Program. Program membership entitles Panorays access to ServiceNow tools and resources, enabling Panorays to accelerate IT service automation engagements, it states.

Customers will now be able to receive Panorays’ comprehensive third-party security data within the ServiceNow Partner Program as part of their holistic third-party risk management process. Panorays’ security data includes its Cyber Posture Rating, which is derived from a non-intrusive external footprint assessment of a supplier’s attack surface. The Cyber Posture Rating uses big data analytics and advanced research and reconnaissance capabilities to pinpoint security gaps. The rating is a calculated average of ratings, representing the cyber resilience of three layers: network and IT, application and human.

All of the Cyber Posture data is readily available to both the supplier and the evaluator on the ServiceNow app. This ensures transparency as to how the rating was calculated, and enables communication and the ability to challenge any of the findings. Panorays also continuously monitors the supplier and updates this rating accordingly, while providing live alerts of any changes to cyber posture.

“We are delighted to join the ServiceNow Partner Program, allowing our customers to easily access their third-party security management data,” says Panorays VP Product, Noam Maman. “Joining the ServiceNow Partner Program will undoubtedly help increase third-party security visibility for organisations, allowing them to effectively evaluate and monitor their vendors, suppliers and business partners.”