Leading the charge

How savvy businesses have successfully flipped the digital switch

Swiss Post Solutions is proud to work with its vast array of clients who lead their respective fields, including 25% of Fortune 100 companies. “We have already helped some of our clients achieve great results with a digital mailroom solution that now empowers them to tackle the challenges of what lies ahead,” states the company’s Head of Business Services UK, Chris Blood.

Efficient communications were an issue for the insurance industry, even before the COVID-19 crisis, where paper has always been the dominant communication channel. "For ERS Insurance, our mailroom solution was off-site, replacing two traditional mailrooms. It focused on converting mail to digital at the earliest opportunity, before processing it either to an individual or to a 'digital desk', which all team members can access." The benefits were immediate: 87% faster processing of incoming mail, along with improved access and tracking, to create vastly more efficient processes.

The Co-operative Bank was looking for a new digital solution for storing and accessing correspondence, as access could take up to five days to achieve. "The solution implemented by us included a day forward scanning operation and web portal, based around our Document Management software to provide instant access to all correspondence." The result? The time to access to correspondence was reduced to an average of just five seconds, dramatically improving efficiency, business continuity and the customer experience.

A final example would have to be Zurich Insurance Group. Zurich receives high volumes of diverse forms of mail that previously were handled as part of a labour-intensive, manual process. "We proposed a scanning solution that would centralise and automate the scanning and processing of FinOps mail. This technology allows users to receive, view, process and archive digital mail documents, essentially replacing the physical delivery process." This new quick-to-implement solution achieved a 6x faster processing time and 5x faster access to business-critical documents.