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Email is still the dominant form of communication in the workplace, so businesses must protect their messaging systems by implementing a robust email archiving solution

There are plenty of sound reasons for this, which include regulatory compliance, auditing, litigation, data loss prevention, storage management and business continuity.

Libraesva has a strong pedigree in the email security market and its latest Email Archiver satisfies all of the above requirements with an affordable solution that's easy to deploy. Delivered as a virtual appliance, it offers plenty of business-critical features, including auditing, RFC3161-certified email time stamping, legal hold, AES 256-bit encryption, as well as GDPR-compliant access roles and permissions.

Email Archiver can integrate with any mail server, and natively with Microsoft Exchange and Office365. It supports VMware, Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors for on-premises services or it can be deployed in the cloud. Installation is swift, as we downloaded the files and imported them as a new Hyper-V VM in minutes.

After running the web console's setup wizard, we then created our first tenant where another wizard guided us through providing administrator details and enabling encryption, optionally defining a privacy manager and declaring our Exchange server.

Email Archiver uses journaling for email import, and offers standard and premium methods where the former uses an IMAP/POP3 listener and the latter an SMTP listener. The main difference is that the IMAP/POP3 listener imports email at 10-minute intervals, whereas the SMTP listener does it in real time.

An SMTP listener had already been created during installation, so we simply defined a journal rule and dedicated mail account on our Exchange database, along with a send connector. We could see archiving action in real time, as the web console presents an informative dashboard showing all activity, along with details of system and storage usage.

We used the default local storage locations, but you can also use network shares, Amazon S3 or S3-compatible cloud object storage and FTP servers. We had no problems importing our PST files into the archive, with one 5GB file containing more than 35,000 emails taking around an hour.

Rules determine what email should be archived, with the default rule importing all inbound and outbound messages. It's easy to customise with archive and discard rules that match keywords in fields such as the subject, message body and sender.

Message retention options are extensive, as you can apply them to storage volumes and keep all email indefinitely or for a specific period. Custom rules determine how long specific emails are retained and are applied to the results of archive searches.

Multiple users can be declared to Email Archiver and access controls are impressive, as it offers more than eighty permissions covering every type of activity. They can use the web console to conduct searches, and Libraesva also provides an Outlook Add-In for Windows and Mac users.

Search facilities are impressive, as you can quickly pull up details, using criteria such as full-text or date ranges and only include emails with attachments. They're fast, too, as the index is cached in RAM, so search results appear almost instantly.

More complex searches are conducted with the integral query builder where you can use multiple groups of filters and save them for further investigation. They can also be passed to the legal hold feature, shared with selected users and retained until an expiration date has passed.

Libraesva's Email Archiver is an impressive solution that does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, while support for multiple tenants makes it ideal for service providers. Email Archive really is easy to deploy, works with any mail server and delivers fast, sophisticated archive search facilities at a very competitive price.

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Libraesva Email Archiver is also available as an apple or android application providing secure email management for mobile